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Predictive Analytics for customer behavior avec Tim Wiegels, ex VP Data FREENOWXING

1 journée08 févr.Paris

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To create purposeful data solutions you should know what your business really needs. Tim Wiegels does this like nobody else. As the former VP Data of FreeNow, he built data products that served 48 million consumers across Europe available in 9 markets and in over 150 cities. He has a passion for building, structuring and growing international teams. In his Pollen session, you will learn how to generate useful insights, use data science to predict customer behaviours and empower your business to take better decisions.

A qui s'adresse cette formation ?

  • Data leaders and intermediates

    interested in making a more significant business impact with customer predictive analysis

  • Performance and Marketing managers

    who are eager to operationalize their data in the cloud and want to know more about Marketing Data

  • Founders, C-level, leaders

    with a strong taste for analytical projects and working in a business where data can make a strong impact

  • Required: fluent English speaker and basic knowledge in SQL

Ce que vous apprendrez

  1. How to operationalize and use your data in the cloud with Google Cloud and BigQuery

  2. Design and visualise the right KPIs, in alignement with your business needs

  3. Generating insights from customer data and behaviour : KPI-tree, Northstar KPIs, “Company Dashboard”, etc.

  4. Predicting customer behaviour: which behaviour is important, when do you want to predict what and how to do it.

A propos de Tim

Tim Wiegels

Tim Wiegels


Experienced leader, inspirational speaker and expert in all things Data with a background in academia with a PhD in Structural Bioinformatics / Data Science from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. Tim has an analytical, flexible and pragmatic mindset and a strong focus on realising use cases based on business needs and interfacing between stakeholders.

He has a proven track record of building, structuring and growing international teams, projects and implementing data products in complex organization such as Free Now, the Mobility Super App with the largest vehicle choice serving more than 48 million consumers across Europe available in 9 markets and in over 150 cities.

He led important projects include implementations of Marketing Technology and Marketing Data stacks, at GoodGame Studios for instance where he highly contributed to produce web and mobile free2play games for 500 million registered users in more than 40 nations.

He also helped to scale data teams from 15 to 120 FTE and helped changing the data infrastructure from batch ingestion to real-time (for example to build the all-favoured surge pricing).


Thomas Zimmermann

Thomas Zimmermann
CEO FreeNow

“Tim has beside exceptional professional data knowledge the rare trade of understanding business logics and needs combined with a hands on pragmatic approach. While a majority of people talk conceptually about how something should be, Tim has done it both on very lean bootstrapped scenarios up to ultra high (real time) scale. ”

Thijs Bongertman

Thijs Bongertman
Head of Marketing Data Free Now

Tim is a highly experienced data professional and excels in explaining difficult topics in a very easy way. His experience in creating high performance data teams and his enthusiasm around anything that touches the holistic process of creating the best data framework for the job, is guaranteed to inspire and attract a lot of talented people and makes any business perform more efficient and effective.

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Le programme

  1. Different ways to store data

    1. 1 How data was built up at XING and at IONIQ: an example of building end2end data infrastructure.

    2. 2 Avoid typical mistakes and how to use tools in the cloud such as BigQuery, AWS, etc.

    3. 3

      Group work Set up data and Cloud provider basics

  2. Design the right KPIs, aligned with your business needs

    1. 1 Identify the right KPIs to look at: Growth, Acquisition & Retention, Sustainability & Profitability

    2. 2 Understand what is a good visualisation dashboard and how to use it

    3. 3

      Group work Take the data from BigQuery and GoogleSheet to build a very easy (but useful) “Company Dashboard” in Google Looker Studio

  1. Easy ways to understand customer behaviour (user activity, dau, wau, mau) and RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary)

    1. 1 How to predict customer churn in an easy way

    2. 2 Identify and understand different views: DAUs, WAUs and MAUs and RFM(Recency, Frequency, Monetary).

    3. 3

      Group work Use the available data to build an easy dataset of daily and monthly active users, as well as a very easy RFM data source

  2. Use RFM data to predict your business

    1. 1 Understand when and how to use predictions

    2. 2 Experience from gaming and mobility company: what can we use predictions for and why is RFM data so versatile?

    3. 3

      Group work Cluster your RFM data in a notebook on google cloud with k-means clustering and how you can predict you business with these clusters!

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