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How to get rid of Dark Patterns? avec Marie Potel , Founder of Amurabi and Fair PatternsAmurabi

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“Boost our opt-ins!”, “We want to double sales on this new product!”. It can be hard to resist injunctions and beliefs that dark patterns are the only way to acquire new users and increase engagement. Research shows that employing these deceptive and manipulative tactics actually cause the opposite effect in the middle and long term. Marie Potel, Founder of Amurabi and Fair Patterns, is a renowned authority in the field of legal innovation and has meticulously gathered and distilled a wealth of knowledge and tools to avoid Dark Patterns while ensuring growth. In this practical session, she will guide you toward implementing fair patterns that foster sustainable growth.

A qui s'adresse cette formation ?

  • CMOs, head of marketing

    who drive growth-oriented strategies

  • Heads of Design, UX designers

    who want to design ethical user-centric experiences

  • Front-end developers

    who need to develop user-friendly, ethical designs

Aucun autre pré-requis ne sera exigé pour assister à la formation.

Ce que vous apprendrez

  1. Understand of the concept Dark Patterns

  2. Identify and spot Dark Patterns in daily work

  3. Develop business-oriented arguments and strategies to address Dark Patterns

A propos de Marie

Marie  Potel

Marie Potel

Founder of Amurabi and Fair Patterns Amurabi

Marie Potel-Saville is the founder of Amurabi, an award-winning legal innovation studio, and Fair Patterns, the first holistic platform to help the world getting rid of dark patterns. Prior to that she was a competition lawyer for over 10 years at Magic Circle law firms such as Freshfields and Allen & Overy in London, Brussels and Paris. She then became EMEA General Counsel at Estée Lauder Companies and Chanel.

Committed to making law accessible for all, she is member of the board of the Serpentine Galleries Legal Innovation Lab, she is engaged in skills-based sponsorship, volunteer for social initiatives like AFPAD (Pierrefitte) for promoting access to justice, and teaches legal innovation at Sciences Po Paris, Singapore Management University, and Assas.


Willy Duhen

Willy Duhen
PhD, Senior Director Legal & Privacy at King

Marie and her team redesigned King’s privacy notice and created the first “privacy saga”. Our President loves it so much that he posted it on his socials! It’s not everyday that C-suite gets excited about legal stuff. And it got us the IAPP “Most Innovative Privacy Project” in 2022 in EMEA-AsiaPacific.

Nina Moise

Nina Moise
EMEA General Counsel, Shiseido

*Marie and the Amurabi team redesigned our anti-corruption EMEA code of conduct: it felt like the iPhone in the field of legal documents »

Thierry Perrouault

Thierry Perrouault
Investors Relations Director, Orange

“Marie and her team redesigned our group employee shareholding plan and offer. The number of calls to our hotline was divided by 5, while the offer was 60% more subscribed. And 40% more blue-collar women subscribed, which was one of our key goals: empowering women who usually invest less than men. It’s the 5th project with Amurabi and keeps generating ever more engagement and pride.”

Le programme

  1. Understanding Dark Patterns

    1. 1 Introduction to Dark Patterns : Semantics and common language

    2. 2 Exploring cognitive biases and their role in Dark Patterns

    3. 3

      Group work Discussing psychological and economic risks and consequences

  2. Identifying Dark Patterns

    1. 1 Painstorming: Create a variety of Dark Patterns

    2. 2 Case study: Analyze a landing page full of Dark Patterns

    3. 3

      Group work  Define and illustrate fair patterns as alternatives to Dark Patterns

  3. Advocating for Fair Patterns

    1. 1 Understand the benefits of Fair Patterns to clients or teams: King example

    2. 2

      Group work Develop compelling business-oriented arguments to promote Fair Patterns

    3. 3 Highlight the ethical and user-centric advantages of Fair Patterns

  4. Ethical Design

    1. 1 Master resources such as the "wall of shame" for Dark Patterns

    2. 2 Explore accessibility websites and plugins to ensure inclusive design

    3. 3

      Group work Practical Application: Action Planning for Ethical Design

  5. Evaluate your knowledge of Dark Patterns

    1. 1 Test overall comprehension of Dark Patterns

    2. 2

      Group work Do your checklist to spot Dark Patterns

    3. 3 Key take aways and discussions about digital economy model where humans can thrive

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Pollen Session

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  • 1/2 journée de formation avec Marie
  • Accès à une synthèse des documents et frameworks présentés


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