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How to cut down on cloud emissions avec Leah Goldfarb, Environmental Impact OfficerPlatform.sh

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What if you could reduce by up to 15 times the CO2eq emissions from your cloud usage? Want to increase the efficiency of your code and speed up operations? Because of its potential scale, the impact you can have by working on your IT architecture makes it a top-of-the-list topic on your journey to sustainability.

Leah Goldfarb has more than 20 years of experience in environmental science and policy, bringing an impressive scientific background to her current role of Environmental Impact Officer at Platform.sh, one of the most active players in greener hosting. Formally a Senior Science Officer at the IPCC TSU of WGI and sustainability expert, Leah will lead you to identify opportunities for action and build a roadmap to reduce your cloud footprint.

Server location, high-density computing, and carbon-conscious coding will all be critical as European regulations are coming into force... Leah’s unparalleled expertise in the climate field will set your IT decarbonation into motion.

A qui s'adresse cette formation ?

  • CTO, Engineering managers

    who include environmental impact into design of their technical stack

  • Start-up leaders

    who have multiplied cloud tools and want to reduce their footprint

  • C-Levels in large companies

    committed to defining a carbon trajectory at scale

  • Required: fluent English speaker

Ce que vous apprendrez

  1. How to measure the environmental impact of your cloud applications

  2. How to build a strategy to reduce your stack's carbon footprint and turn it into an action roadmap

  3. How to act internally and leverage your external stakeholders (Scopes 1,2 and 3)

  4. How to communicate your plan and generate buy-in from your teams

A propos de Leah

Leah Goldfarb

Leah Goldfarb

Environmental Impact Officer Platform.sh

Leah Goldfarb serves as Platform.sh’s Environmental Impact Officer. Her work is focused on prioritizing actions in the area of climate impact and sustainability. She has been helping major companies define roadmaps to cut their carbon emissions from their IT architecture. She brings her deep expertise in climate change to help businesses grow more efficiently. She is also a speaker at Tech events and passionately shares her will for change.

Before joining Platform.sh, Leah served as Senior Science Officer at the Technical Support Unit of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group I (The Physical Science Basis) on the day-to-day project coordination of the Technical Summary of the 6th Assessment Report. Originally trained in atmospheric chemistry (Ph.D. from the University of Colorado), Leah has spent two decades working in the area of environmental science and policy.

Le programme

  1. Measure - Identifying the right drivers to reduce the environmental impact of the cloud

    1. 1 Where to act - Density, Code, Location - and the related magnitude of possible gains

    2. 2 Establish a transparent, expert measurement mechanism to be credible. Which types of stakeholders to mobilize (carbon experts, APM...). Example at platform.sh with Greenly, Backfire.io

    3. 3

      Group work Based on the example of PHP, compare the carbon footprint of cloud companies to that of countries.

  2. Optimize and Deploy - Understanding and Building a Strategy to Reduce Your Footprint

    1. 1 Theory nugget - The 3 main drivers (Efficiency and Density, optimizing code, Location). How to combine environmental performance and impact.

    2. 2 Deploy: Emissions by provider and by country, and possible gains on a typical architecture. How to take into account the roadmap of hyperscalers (AWS etc.) in your choices. Examples of dormant containers, other levers

    3. 3

      Group work Build your trajectory with possible GHG gains by changing the location of your cloud and energy providers.

    4. 4 Prioritize actions: How to write your roadmap, how to prioritize based on sector/maturity of the company and your current hosting situation

  3. Educate - Implementing the action plan and involving the entire company

    1. 1 How to convince and involve IT in making the right choices. The example of the dilemma between scaling first and then optimizing or scaling while optimizing from the start

    2. 2 Moving from an action plan to a dynamic approach. What are the winning approaches in terms of tracking, organization? How to budget and communicate/sensitize internally

    3. 3

      Group work Build your pitch 'Carbon trajectory 2040 of our IT.'

Prix et formules

Pollen Session

490 € HT

  • 1/2 journée de formation avec Leah
  • Déjeuner inclus
  • Accès à une synthèse des documents et frameworks présentés


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